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Shanghai Wansi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in circuit board design, development, and production. From initially helping customers customize circuit board designs for specific functions, to purchasing components, to production line soldering, circuit board functional testing, one-stop service. Customers only need to purchase circuit boards and add casings to make products for sale. He is good at developing single chip computers, including STM32 single chip computers, PIC, Infineon, Zhongying, Zhaoyi Innovation and other single chip computers. He is good at developing system software based on Android, Linux and other systems. He is good at 4G, 5G, WIFI, Bluetooth and other Internet of Things applications. He is good at collecting terminal data and uploading it to the server, following official account access through WeChat, Web page access and other complete industrial control of the Internet of Things. Intelligent 24 channel AC power monitoring system, 24 channel DC power monitoring system, double chain motor controller, stepper motor control, instrument development, with deep experience in the development of chemical detection instruments such as ammonia nitrogen detection, residual chlorine, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, fluoride, negative ions, total copper, total iron, and permanganate. Experienced in gas detection instruments such as wind speed, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide, skilled in motor control, 4-20mA current processing, relay control, temperature and humidity detection, infrared human detection, LED control, and other aspects, with rich cases.



The academic category within a department or secondary vocational school in a school



The stage of safety awareness is the current development of production and science and technology



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