Service scope
IoT solution/microcontroller development
Proficient in 4G, 5G, WIFI, Bluetooth, infrared, zigbee, WeChat control, circuit board hardware design, server program control, skilled in STM32, ATMEL, STC, PIC, etc
Production and processing of circuit boards
Capable of circuit board production and processing, including component procurement, SMT SMT mounting, wave soldering, electrical performance testing, and assembly. Customers only need a matching shell to sell as a product
Environmental testing
Ammonia nitrogen detection instrument, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, residual chlorine, permanganate, total copper, total phosphorus, wind speed, temperature and humidity, human induction, negative ions, motor control, instrument, ISE electrode, ORP electrode, flow rate
Service support

Product Definition

Putting users at the core, focusing on the development of enterprise and industry trends, reshaping product strategies and definitions that are suitable for enterprise strategy and more competitive in the industry, in order to achieve the commercial value of products.

Product development

Our product innovation has strong feasibility, and the guarantee of functional research and development can achieve product definition. Our innovative research and development has a complete R&D process.

product design

Our innovative product design can systematically interpret product positioning, convey the true value of the product with a more suitable appearance, and ensure the feasibility of mass production, making customers satisfied and practical.